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Dear brothers and sisters in Christ: This morning we have a prayer request shared over the coffee table.

Reader D.Linnel has written the following prayer request:

Please pray for my mother carol,she has been diagnosed with cancer. Pray for peace,strength and faith for her. Pray that god will be glorified. Jesus is the name above all names. Cancer is a name, Jesus is above it. Thank you jesus!!!

The only way we can help Linnel at this time of his/her need is to pray for her/his Mom. Please, please, please offer a prayer with me today for her.

Abba Father! We have gathered here in your presence in one accord to pray for Linnel's Mom Lord. Thank you for dying on the cross for our sins, curses and sickness Lord. In your name, by the power of your name, we rebuke this disease of cancer from her body this very minute Lord. We join hands and lift our hearts and voices to your name Lord. We cry out to Lord! We do not have anyone else to run out to Lord. You are our deliverer Lord. You are our only comfort Lord.

Please heal D.Linne's mother Lord. Plese touch her this very minute Lord. Please do a miracle in her body Lord.

Give the strength for Linnel too Lord. Please continue to be the comforter Lord. Please be the counselor Lord. Please provide for all their needs Lord. Fill them with the divine peace Lord. Let them constantly feel your presence Lord. Please remove all the fears, doubts, and anxiety Lord.

Bless them Lord.Use them for your glory Lord. We take the healing in your name Lord. We pronounce victory in your name Lord. Your name is above all names Lord, even above this very sickness Lord. You are mighty to save Lord.

Thank you for listening to our prayer Lord. Thank you for the healing Lord. Thank you for touching Lord! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

In Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ's most precious name we pray,

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