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Most of us have read through Genesis chapter 5 mechanically, without as much as a batting of an eye. You will be surprised as I am if you indeed spend some time to read between the lines. The entire Gospel is hidden in it!

From Adam, if we were to follow Seth's genealogy up to Noah, who is of the tenth generation from Adam, we have the complete message in the meaning of their names. Here's the list of names along with the meaning in English.

MahalalelThe Blessed God
JaredShall come down
MethuselahHis death shall bring
LamechThe Despairing
NoahRest, or comfort

If we were to frame a sentence with these words, one after the other, it reads: Man (was) appointed mortal sorrow; The Blessed God shall come down teaching (him) His death shall bring (the) despairing comfort!

Go ahead, say Amen! Let us praise His holy name!
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