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You care for the land and water it; you enrich it abundantly. The streams of God are filled with water to provide the people with grain, for so you have ordained it. Psalm 65:9

Living Water is yet another name for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It is no wonder there are so many scripture verses referring to this refreshing Living Water. The water that flows from Him does nourish our body, mind and soul.

He cares for the land (us) and waters (provides) for it. When He blesses it is not by human measures; He enriches us abundantly! Praise the Lord!

I would like to insist here that blessing is not always in material form.

Blessing is the joy in our hearts, the salvation we have received, the peace of our minds, the faith we hold on to, the walk we do with Him, His leading, His slow still voice, our daily providence and even our very breath.

Don't we have these things in abundance? Are we not enriched by countless blessings already?! Amen!

And of course, blessing is not only in spiritual form.

There are these material blessings too such as the house, the job, the children, the vacation, the bonus, the new tires in the car, the flowers your special someone brought, the robins that visit your window sill, and the rest in those lines. Amen!

Remember, the streams of God are filled with water to provide you and yours, with grain.

As long as our focus is on the One who blesses us and not on the blessings in itself, we will continue to be blessed.

Stay blessed today!
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