Pin It Now! "Be still and know that I am Lord"

A well known verse from the Bible, yet at many times we all tend to forget to be still. We take matters in our own hands, trying to figure out a solution. When all else fails we come running back to God crying for help. All the while He was saying, "Be Still". Only when we are still we can know that He is Lord

For example when a child gets hurt with a thorn of some kind, we can see the thorn poking out but if the child is not staying in one place we as an adult can not help her. We ask her to be still before we can quickly remove the thing that is causing the child much fear and pain.

In the same way, our Father Lord asks us to be still; so that He can intervene and take care of our pain and suffering.

Let us pray, "Dear Lord, Please teach us to be still so that we can see your glory. In Jesus' name - Amen"
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