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Remove sorrow from thy heart - Ecclesiastes 11:10

Just as holidays can make us merry, holidays can make some sad, very sad. Remembering loved ones long gone, missing fun old days and more importantly whatever you are facing at the current times may make it impossible to enjoy like the rest of the clan. If that's you, this message is for you! Read on...

It takes an active commitment in our part to remove sorrow from our heart. Just as "Be happy" is a command, "Remove sorrow" is a command to us. It starts with you!

Let's say you are feeling alone, why not invite a friend over? You may be ministering to her/him. What about sharing about your loved ones whom you are grieving about, over the dinner table with your family? Sure it will ease some grief and will allow them to share their recollection too.

Above all, how about taking it to God's feet? Let us sit down at His presence, be it in the car, or your closet, or kitchen table, find a few minutes to be alone with God. Pour out all your grieving thoughts, whatever is bothering you this very moment. Cry it out. Ask Him to remove sorrow from your heart and He will!

I truly believe God is talking to each one of us through this blog post. Remain happy in the Lord! That is our strength. God bless you!
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