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Yet these may you eat of every flying creeping thing that goes on all four, which have legs above their feet, to leap with on the earth Leviticus 11:21

Leviticus chapter 11 titled Clean and Unclean Food  lists the clean and unclean birds, animals,fish and insects that are considered edible and that which are an abomination to eat.

However, in Acts chapter 10 we read of an account of Peter's vision that contradicts these very law that were given by Moses to the people of Israel. The point here is that keeping the law should not be the priority over accepting people from different faith, culture, race, religion, wealth, caste, stature, etc.

Many Christians or I should say people who call themselves as "christians" are keen on associating only with Christians; worse yet - only with believers of their own race, culture, church & social background! They hesitate to make friends with anyone who is not of their faith.

Jesus Christ during His life on earth set a perfect role model when it comes to making friends. He was friends with all kinds of people, from all walks of life and even many "sinners". Sin He hates but sinners He loves! Everyone who came in contact with Jesus was influenced by His love for them.

How can we influence someone for Christ if we choose to be safe? How can we be a light if  we shun from people who are in the darkness? How can we love the Lord if we lack love for fellow human? How can we ever follow the great commission to go and make disciples if  we do not want to get out of our comfort zone?

The voice that Peter heard in Acts 10:15 still calls out today - to each one of us believers - "Do not call anything impure that God has made clean."

Are we ready to accept every one in Christ?! If so, go for it; if not, leap forward!
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