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Verse of the day: "Even a fool is thought wise if he keeps silent, and discerning if he holds his tongue"  17:28

It is so difficult to keep silent when it comes to defending ourselves- right? Wrong! That's what I have figured out lately. These days I practice silence when I actually need to defend myself and it works wonders!

When someone doesn't talk much it is difficult to find out what really goes on in their mind and they have time to contemplate their thoughts and rephrase it if needed. How nice?! On the other hand if we are quick to say something it is hard to undo the damage.

I am so glad to find such practical wisdom stressed in the Scriptures. Let us pray for a discerning tongue. Definitely this is one area I am trying to improve.
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  1. SeƱorita Says:

    I completely agree.. I have had to refer to this scripture and others like it to remember it is better to keep silent. Emotions and unjust anger gets in the way. Thanks for posting :) I'll be following; follow me at:

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