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He turned the rock into a pool, the hard rock into springs of water. Psalm 114:7-8

Remember the incident in Exodus when the Israelites were very thirsty God gave them water to drink out of the rock? Well, that's the exact scene King David is referring to here in today's scripture from Psalm.

Isn't this true in our case too? There have been times when we were so pressed for a need and out of nowhere God provided help at the eleventh hour. When we thought there were no possibilities of how a certain need could be met, God made a way for us somewhere somehow... I can recall many many many such incidents.

Without insurance huge medical needs for my in-laws were met miraculously. When there was no hope of finding a solution at work for an issue, I fasted and prayed for three days and you won't believe the third day just minutes before our management was going to announce to our clients that we can not provide them the solution, God gave me the solution through a simple change in my code! When we were almost giving up on hopes of selling our home which was in the market for nearly a year, an offer came through the very same night! When there was no more hopes of finding a full time job for me, God blessed me with the finest job I could ever imagine, I could add more and more to the list.

I am sure, all of us are living testimonies of how God can indeed turn the rock into a pool and the hard rock into springs of water. Let us share our testimonies today to edify the glory of the Lord. God bless you all and have a great week ahead!
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  1. Reena AnthonyRaj Says:

    Praise the Lord, It's true in my case too, Amen.

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