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If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him. James 1:5

So, we understand we need more wisdom but don't have a clue where to "buy it" from? Wisdom is one thing that can not be found on any sale. It can not even be acquired from any books. What we acquire from books is knowledge - not wisdom. It can not be inherited. It does not necessarily increase with age. It can not be rubbed on or injected in. So, how can we get more?

The one and only way to gain more wisdom is to ask. Ask? Ask who? Ask God! Then it will be given. What do you mean it will be given, will it be given to anyone who asks? Yes, of course!

There is no prerequisites to receive wisdom. It is not only the righteous and upright who will receive it. It is us - the common folks - who are full of faults - but those who asked - they will receive it!

Next question arises - how much will we receive? The answer is, it will be given generously.

We didn't think it was that easy; did we? Asking for wisdom is the most humbling of experience as it takes to acknowledge we lack wisdom in the first place. God sees the honesty and gives it to us generously without finding faults in us.

Naturally when we receive the wisdom we will learn to shun from evil and do good, we will then have the discerning spirit King Solomon received, which in turn brings all the other blessings we wouldn't dare ask for.

Let's make it our daily prayer to ask for more wisdom and when we receive it let us put it to use unlike King Solomon who later went astray from God.

Tomorrow we will see the first signs of having gained the wisdom. Please stay tuned...
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