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Let's take the time today to go over our Praise Report over the coffee table.

Our Father in heaven! Thank you again for the wonderful opportunity to gather in your name once again this morning Lord. Thank you so much for your love and grace and mercy that have been sufficient for us all these days Lord. Thank you for blessing us with good health Lord. Thank you for filling our hearts with such joy Lord. Thank you for giving us the peace that passeth all understanding Lord. We love you Lord. We praise you Lord. We glorify your name Lord.

We thank you from the depth of our heart Lord. Thank you for everything Lord. Even a million thank yous are not enough Lord. Thank you for Coffee with Jesus Lord. Thank you that you are among us every single day Lord. Thank you for speaking to us through your words Lord. We gather here to receive your words and your words only Lord. Please continue to speak to us Lord.

Thank you for every single believer and non-believer who come across this site Lord. Thank you that your grace has been sufficient for each one of them Lord. Some are accepting you here Lord, some get to know you more here Lord, some grow more Lord and yet some are still searching Lord. We praise and thank you that your words fill each of our needs Lord - according to our seeking Lord. Thank you for that Lord.

We thank you for the answered prayer requests among us Lord. Thank you so much for lessening our burdens Lord, for hearing our cry Lord, for rescuing us from miry pits Lord, for setting us free Lord! Thank you so much for the continued blessings of good health, joy and peace Lord. Thank you for providing homes for us Lord. Thank you for taking care of our bills Lord. Thank you for giving us food Lord. Thank you so much for every single blessings Lord.

Today as we worship you among the congregation of fellow believers our hearts are filled with your praises Lord. Our mouths are filled with your songs Lord. Our mind is filled with the peace you have given us Lord. Once again thank you for all of these things Lord.

We praise you, glorify you and honor you. We lift this prayer up in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Amen!
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