Pin It Now! Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance / Patience the race marked out for us. Hebrew 12:1

Patience is a hard to find 'fruit' in today's fast moving world. We want everything at the finger tips on the click of a button; we do not have time for others and definitely not for the extra mile we ought to walk with them; when someone cuts the line at the grocery store or overtakes us on the road we feel this sudden rage to respond to them negatively, the list goes on...

But as believers Patience is one of the 'fruits' we need to produce. So, how do we go about developing that?

Verse above suggests the following solutions:
* Let us throw off everything that hinders
Let us throw off the sin that so easily entangles
* Let us run with perseverance (patience) the race marked out for us
First, let us identify the root cause for our impatience. The immediate answer would be that we don't have the time. Why we don't have the time? Are we trying to juggle too many things in too short a time? Are we simply trying to please everyone? Are we always aiming for the 'bigger & better' - such a moving target? Is there anything we can remove from our agenda to make room for exercising little more patience?

Next, is it our sinful nature that causes the impatience? Are we angry all the time? Are we just waiting for a moment to retaliate? Why do we take things too personally - at work, at home? Why is that we can't handle a criticism very well? Do we strive to always prove our self? Are we loving our self a little too much? Do we assume we have failed by being patient?

Finally, are we giving up too soon? Are we saying this christian walk is just too hard or it's too narrow a path? It's not by our merits, right? It is by His grace - right? In that case, it is not that hard of a fruit to develop in us - is it? Let's at least try!

P.S: On a lighter note, just the fact that you read through this post shows you have the fruit of patience already! :)
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