Pin It Now! Hard to believe it is Friday already! If we were to keep a race for all the days of the week, I believe Friday will come first!

Thought it will be a good idea to take some time to go over the prayer requests submitted so far. I believe it is an important aspect of the Christian journey to uphold one another in prayer. Though we may not know them in person, our Lord who is the God of far and near knows them all very well. Let us hold hands together (virtually) and bring each of these needs in front of His throne.

* Let's pray for Jacinth's parents to get the visa to visit USA
* Let's uphold Linda Hoon who was admitted in the ER and also her friend Darla Kidder in our prayers
* Let's pray for peace in Carla's daughter's family and that God binds the couple together in His love
* Let's remember DD in our prayers to find a good job soon and also for Joy who is praying for her.
* Please keep Leslie R in your prayers for good health
* Let's pray for Stephan to get into his desired college in Virginia and for Hity88 who shares the burden with him
* Let's keep Shooting Star Mag's Mom who is suffering from Kidney disease in our prayers and also we will keep Shooting Star Mag in our prayers for strength and wisdom.
* Please pray for AmandaSue who suffers from severe migraines.

Dear Lord Jesus, thank you for this time with you Lord. Thank you for the beautiful brothers and sisters who have gathered here to spend some time at your presence Lord. We bring these prayer requests to you Lord. If two or more are gathered in your name and ask for something, you will grant it Lord! Thank you that we are gathered in your name praying for these requests in unison Lord. We are sure you will hear our prayers and answer each one of these needs Lord. Thank you that soon we will be seeing the praise reports and worship your name Lord. Bless each one of us Lord. Thank you so much for everything you have been to us Lord. In your precious name we pray, Amen!
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