Pin It Now! I am glad some of you could join for an early coffee today while the rest of the family sleeps in; whereas some of you had to skip coffee as you slept in late... Either way, Good Morning! Welcome to Coffee With Jesus! As you know this coffee house is open 24/7 - so no worries.

Before we go about the day's errands, let me quickly encourage you to mirror Christ today in all your endeavours. Our Pastor often says for many people we might be the only "Christ" they know and our homes might be the only "church" they visit. They may not choose to pick up a Bible or visit a church or hear a sermon. But they are living with us, among us, watching our every move, seeing how we handle situations.

The question is, are we reflecting Christ in our actions. 2 Corinthians 3:18 we read: "And we, ...all reflect the Lord's glory, are being transformed into his likeness with ever increasing glory, which comes from the Lord..." Let us seek for this "ever increasing glory" that will transform us more into His likeness.

Dear Father, Thank you for this weekend Lord & thank you that your grace was sufficient for us all through this week Lord. Thank you now for this moment with you Lord. As we were just talking we want to become more into your likeness Lord, we should reflect more of you and less of us Lord. Let the people who see us see you Lord. Please help us to grow more in your likeness Lord. Fill us with this ever increasing glory the Bible talks about Lord. Continue to use each one of us for your glory Lord! In Jesus's wonderful name we pray, Amen!

Now folks, let's go R E F L E C T   C H R I S T!
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  1. Reenu Says:

    Here once again I got a chance to know more about God from you daily.I sincerely pray the Almighty God to strengthen you all through your work.~Reena AnthonyRaj

  2. HIsrael Says:

    Dear Reena: What a blessing hearing from you. How are you dear? Hope all is well at your end. Please convey my warm regards to Anthony and his parents. How is Amal Raja? Much love to "kutty Reena"

    ~ Queen Akka

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